Garga Hora by Sage Gargacarya

Jupiter in his own house along with Saturn and Mercury will bestow long life. Such native often will beget wealth. Should Venus be in Pisces along with Jupiter and the Moon, the native will acquire kingly fortunes and will have many sons and family. Should the Ascendant be in a malefic RaSi, while the Lord thereof occupies the 7th house and Jupiter is posited in the 8th along with the Sun, the child will die at the age of eight. If Mercury and Mars be together in the Ascendant, or 6th, or 8th, the native will either be a thief, or will indulge in awful acts. Such a person will have defect in his hands and legs. Mercury in the Ascendant, or 6th, or 8th can cause death at the age of 4. Even if the native is dipped in nectar, it will be of no avail. Mars and Jupiter in exchange in RaSi will inflict death at the age of 12. Even though Lord Siva may desire to save the person, it is rare to escape death in such a case. Should Jupiter occupy a house of Mars identical with 2nd, 6th, or 8th from Lagna, this child doubtlessly will face death in its sixth year. If Rahu occupies the Ascendant at birth, while the Moon is in the 6th/9th, the child will die within 20 days of birth. Similar effects will prevail, if Rahu is in the 4th from Lagna, while the Moon occupies one of the angles. Death will be inflicted by Rahu in the 7th from Lagna, while the Moon is in the Ascendant. Even nectar will not be useful to him and the death will come to pass in the 10th year of the child. If the Moon is in the 12th from Lagna, while malefics are in the 6th house, the native will be shortlived. He will suffer from stomachial disorders. If Rahu occupies the 9th, or the 10th, the native will die at 16, though Indra, Lord of Lords, may try to protect him. Death will come to pass at the age of 20, if Saturn and the Sun are in exchange RaSi. If Rahu is in the Ascendant, while the Moon is in the 6th (or both of them being together in the 6th) will promote diseases in the rectum, indigestion and deficiency of a limb. Death will be caused due to leprosy, or tuberculosis, if the Sun is in 8th, while Saturn is in 6th. If the Sun is in the Ascendant at birth, the native will be subjected to mental worries and will have no place of his own. The child will die instantly, if Rahu is in the Ascendant, or in 8th and is in aspect to the Moon. Even Indra cannot save such child. The native will have a life-span of 100 years, if two Angles are occupied by Jupiter and Venus, while the Sun is in 12th and Mercury is in Lagna. There will be no Arishtas (evils), if Jupiter is in an Angle, or in a Trine, or in own House/exaltation House, as the Lagna. This will be so throughout the life. There will be no evils whatsoever, if one of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury is in an Angle and with positional strength.