Garga Hora by Sage Gargacarya

There is no evil whatsoever, if Saturn happens to be in the Ascendant, 3rd, or the 6th and be at the same time in Libra, Aquarius, or Capricorn. If the 2nd from the Ascendant is tenanted by Rahu, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and the Sun together, the mother will die soon. Alternatively it can be the father of the child. if the Sun is in Leo, or in Aries identical with the 6th, or the 11th and is aspected by a friendly planet, the evils, if any are simply counteracted. Should Rahu be in the Ascendant identical with Aries, Taurus, or Cancer and be in aspect to a benefic planet, no evil exists in the horoscope. RajaYoga is caused, if Saturn and the Moon are in the Lagna, while its trines are occupied by the Sun and Jupiter. Mars should be simultaneously in the 10th house. Should the Sun be in the 9th in Leo, the native will not have a surviving co-born. If however, one exists, he becomes a king. If Rahu is in Karma Sthana i.e. the 10th house, identical with own house and in the company of Mars, Mercury and Venus, the native will sometimes prosper and yet sometimes will have downfall. The subject is born in a mean descent, if malefics are in the 2nd, Rahu is in the 3rd and Jupiter is in the 5th. If the Sun etc. (i.e. other malefics) are in the 4th, 5th and 9th, the native will lose his first issue, while the later ones may survive. Should malefics be in the 2nd along with Mars and Saturn, while Rahu is in the 3rd, the co-born will not survive. Chatra Yoga is formed, if all planets are in the Ascendant, 2nd, 7th and 12th, he will become a leader of his race. If the Ascendant is occupied by Venus, 12th by Mercury and the 2nd by a malefic, a RajaYoga is formed and the native becomes a king. If the Ascendant is occupied by Venus, 12th by Mercury and the 2nd by a malefic, a RajaYoga is formed and the native becomes a king. If the Sun is in the 12th, the subject will be subjected to penury. The relatives of the native will perish, if the 12th and the 7th are occupied by malefics, while the 2nd by benefics. There is a RajaYoga, if the Moon and Saturn are in the 2nd, while Jupiter occupies Aries and Rahu with Venus is in the 10th. Should malefics be in the 2nd, 8th and 12th, the native will lose his eyes in his 8th, or 12th year of age. The co-born will not survive, if Mars is in the 8th house. Similar effects prevails, if he joins Rahu and Saturn in the 7th house. The results concerning Karma Sthana (i.e. 10th house) will be meagerly felt, if Mars aspects the 10th house occupying Aries, or Scorpio, while Mercury is associated with malefics. The native will head many people, if Jupiter is in Leo, while Venus is in virgo, Saturn is in Gemini and Mars in in the 4th identical with own house. Should Saturn be in Virgo along with the Moon, while Mars is in the sign Capricorn, Rahu in Aquarius and, Jupiter in Leo, the native will destroy the band of his enemies. One born with such planetary array will not be an ordinary man. He will advance his family to a good state and enjoys RajaYoga.