Part 1
Preliminary Observations : Geneology of Maharishis by Vedavyasa- The intellectual
development of Maharishis by Yoga Literature in Sanskrit-- Definition of Sutra
Difficulties in Translation-Perfect Development of Sanskrit-Maharishi Jaimini.

Adhyaya 1, pada 1- (Chapter 1, Part 1 ) Meanings of Astrological terms defined-Aspects of
Planets and Zodiacal Signs--Differences of Principles in Astrology and their
reconciliation Necessity for a study of general and special principles-Pneumonics in
Sanskrit Mathematics -Bad influences and their counteraction-Atma karaka or Lord of Soul,
Kalatrakaraka or Lord of wife, Naisargikakaraka or Permanent Lord Lordships for Rahu and
Ketu-Results of Atma karaka, Amatyakaraka or Lord of minister, Bhratrukaraka or Lord of
brother, Matrukaraka or lord of mother, Putrakaraka or Lord of son, Gnatikaraka or Lord of
cousins and Darakaraka or Lord of wife-Signification of Planets, Rasi, Rasi Dasasor
Period: of Signs and their results Arudha or Pada Lagna, Varnada Lagna, Ghatika Lagna,
Bhava Lagna, Chandra Lagna, Hora Lagna and their uses.

Adhyaya 1, Pada 2-(Chapter 1, Part 2) Atmakaraka in different Navamsas- Planets with
Atmakaraka-Gulikakala or Time of the Son of Saturn- Lordships planets over different times
in a day-Hora Drekkana, Navamsa, Dwadasamsa and the Thrimsamsa explained as per Varaha
mihira-Planets aspecting Atmakaraka Navamsa in Gulikakala-Effects of Planets in various
houses from Karakamsas and their significations -Kemadruma Yoga.

Adhyaya 1, Pada 3-(Chapter 1, Part 3) Planets in various houses from Pada Lagna and their
results-Uchcha-Graha Samanya-Cornbi nations for Royalty and Poverty.

Adhyaya 1, Pada 4-(Chapter 1, Part 4) Upapada Lagna and its results- Combinations for
various diseases - Children - Death of brothers, sisters- Dumbness, stammering,
complexion, religious tendencies, adultery, leadership in community-33 crores of
Devatas-Nigraha and Anugraha forms-Mahamantras or good Vedic Secrets-Kshudra Mantras or
evil incantation.
Adhyaya 2, Pada 1-(Chapter 2, Part 1 ) . Determination of Longevity- Combinations for
Long, Middle and Short lives-Reconciliation of different systems of Longevity-Karakayogas
Kakshya, Hrasa or reduction or degradation Kakshya Vriddhi or ' increase-Dwara Rasi,
Dwarabahya Rasi and Pakabhoga Rasis explained -Increase of Life and averting death-
Viparitas or Perverts in meaning-Karakayogas and Kartari yogas detailed- Three kinds of
Longevities Alpayu, Madhyayu and Purnayu--Explanation and results of Rudra, Maheswara and
Brahma Rasis -Different kinds of Yogas.
Adhyaya 2. Pada 2-(Chapter 2, Part 2) Planets causing Death of Mother and Father in Shoola

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